Im moving!

Finally after 3 years in Stockholm, I will have a home of my own ♥
With the right contacts I found an apartment where I can live and have my business so Im moving in 1 December and Im obsessed with looking in interior design magazines and planning whether to choose Bredbandsbolaget or Comhem for my phone, internet and tv.... =/ I already have a sofa, kitchentable, vaccumcleaner, shelfs etc from my last apartment, but I still need some other stuff like officetable, I just cannot find the right one...

But for all of you who are wondering, of course I still love my Jens but when I moved here, we had just recently met so we did´nt have that precious alonetime that you need to have time to miss the other person. So we will get that now and Im kind of excited for that now =D It will be a fresh new start for both of us.

Im showing some more pictures of our lovely Thea that takes A LOT of space here :)



Shorts and shirt - Monkeystore.se

Thea ♥

The cause of my happiness

I have a Gun!

Jag är sååååå glad just nu, Onsdag är en speciell dag.
Så imorgon ska vi åka med Lucifer och klippa ner hans klor och sen shoppa lite nödvändiga saker inför Onsdagen. Jag säger inte mer men ni lär se här i bloggen vad det gäller =P

Älskar paljettshortsen, in och tjata på MonkeyLove att han ska lägga de i butiken
Även tröjan kommer finnas där snart!

Coolest necklace!

www.josign.se only 85kr

My Berlin Fashion

Jasmin at My Berlin Fashion is wearing both Monkeystore and Josign
She has an amazing blog where she writes all about her life with a huge intrest for fashion.

She has the exact same shoes as me =) I did not see that until just now.

New sweats

Knitted shirts in 3 colors. Will be up in Monkeystore soon.


Notice the bucket hanging in the background. I love that it was there for the pictures. I did´nt see that until I looked over the pictures. =)
I love this bicycle tee, buy it in store www.monkeystore.se